Dynaspheres welcomes 4 new South Korean ambassadors

Dynaspheres welcomes 4 new South Korean ambassadors

We are proud to announce that the past months, no less than four top tear players from South-Korea have joined us as brand ambassadors. 1 pool player and 3 carom players are newly representing the Dynaspheres brand.



Bo-Mi KWON, ranked number 7 in her native country, started playing pool in 2011. She won the 2nd National Pool Tour of South-Korea in 2019. We’re very happy that she’s wearing the Dynaspheres logo and representing us on the pool circuit.




Ranked number 3 nationally and number 10 worldwide, it’s safe to say that Hyeon-Ji YONG is presently one of the best female carom players. In 2019, she was the runner up for the Asian Cup and the runner up 3 times for Women National Tournaments. Hyeon-Ji started playing carom in 2011 and we can’t wait to see her back in action, as a Dynaspheres ambassador.



Ji-Eun HAN ranks 4th in South-Korea and has been playing carom since 2011. She started her carom career in 2011 and won the NY Verhoeven Open in 2019. Cant’ wait what else she has in store for us, as our brands representative.




Started in 2009, Jun-Tae KIM ranks 8th nationally and 30th on the world ranking as a carom player. In 2019, he placed 3rd at the Korea Guri Worldcup. He recently played the UMB Virtual OneCarom Challenge were he made it to the semi-finale. Exciting to see him play wearing the Dynaspheres logo and can’ wait for more!

Florian "Venom" Kohler is a Dynaspheres Ambassador

Florian “Venom” Kohler is our new brand ambassador!

We’re thrilled to unveil our newest Dynaspheres® ambassador: Florian “Venom” Kohler. Florian stormed into the spotlight with his mesmerizing trick shot videos, showcasing an unparalleled ...

JAPA renews partnership with Dynaspheres

Dynaspheres is thrilled to announce that the exclusive partnership with JAPA has been extended until 2026. JAPA, the Japan Amateur Pocket Billiards Association, initially decided ...

Shane Van Boening is 9 Ball Champion of the world

Last weekend, Shane Van Boening became the World Champion after winning the 2022 World Pool Championship final at Milton Keynes, UK.   It was an ...


Oelegem, Belgium With immediate effect, GDM Sports bv has acquired all activities and brands of HCSB bv among which are some of the most famous ...

The Federation of Billiard Sport of Kazakhstan gives Dynaspheres the highest rating.

Successfully introduced by Start Fabrika in Russia, Dynaspheres gained popularity in the CIS countries in a short period of time. The brand has earned this ...

Dynaspheres is the official ball supplier for UMB

01/01/2022 – As of today, the new partnership between the Union Mondiale de Billard and Dynaspheres comes into effect. The coming years, Dynaspheres will supply ...

Next Gen Phenolic Resin Balls

Whereas other brands charge extra for selected sets with minimal weight-differences, we at Dynaspheres feel this should be “standard issue”; the maximum weight – deviation within 1 set is 1,5 gram/ball over our complete range.

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